If you really think I’m going to dedicate my whole life to some video game 

you would be correct


there’s a thread on the suggestions forum about nurse outfits that i saw last night and i couldn’t stop the ideas from coming

i mean, it’s not like these are at all imaginative or unique, but i couldn’t stop thinking about them so i drew them

i wanted to draw some costumes for males too, but i got tired fjskdfl

/borrows milsa <3

tagged: #cuuuute


the babe (。◕‿◕。)


if anyone is blind after this it’s none of my fault


Haven’t played in a while but this game always delivers when it comes to mounts. And red. : >



if you dont spend at least half of your time playing tera watching the chat box, i promise you are missing out


She'll take you up too high
Kiss then laugh and let go

I got Kassim the dyeable peachstringer a week or so ago and I love it so much even if it’s super simple. Bikini striiiings~!